SEO Speaks: How Machine Learning and AI Will Change the Face of Content

SEO Speaks: How Machine Learning and AI Will Change the Face of Content

In the new era of machine learning and artificial intelligence, SEO companies need to think ahead and optimize content for Google. Previously, people would type a query in Google and it would showcase information that was similar to the query. However, after the introduction of the RankBrain algorithm in 2016, Google was conditioned to understand human queries. It will now offer answers to these framed questions.

Hence, for a top SEO agency to thieve, it needs to optimize content for RankBrain and AI. In fact, take a look at how AI and machine learning will change the face of SEO content over the years.
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  1. Changing Rank Patterns

Each top SEO agency on the planet today optimizes content that works in accordance with Google’s RankBrain. Today, as RankBrain is conditioned to understand human context, SEO users are working by collecting common phrases, predominating titles, keywords, best source links etc. to understand the type of content to generate for users.

Most importantly, users are also developing and optimizing snippets as these crisp concise pieces are often featured at the top of search engines for the best-written content.

  1. More Focus on User-Experience

Today the intuitive search engines work by focusing on user engagement while linking and analyzing a website. For example, pigeon improves local searches and takes into consideration local keywords while featuring content. Hummingbird ensures that there isn’t any content spamming or irregular activities going on in search engines.

Hence, for every top SEO agency, it’s vital to ensure that backlinks are connected to reputable sites. Further, SEO companies should limit linking to websites with similar niche, identify popular influencers and build suitable links with their sites etc.

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  1. Reign of Smartphones

It is said by the end of 2019, nearly 44% of the global population will own a smartphone. Moreover, most users will surf the net using cell phones, so as these have conveniently taken over desktop searches, the need for (AMP) Accelerated Mobile Pages is optimal.

Recently, Google introduced this feature to ensure that mobile pages load two times as fast to ensure the visibility of featured ads. Hence, every top SEO agency is now implementing AMP to ensure that mobile ads are shown with less load time.

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  1. Optimizing Voice-Search

With Artificial Intelligence coined in the form of Virtual Assistants like Siri and Cortana, daily activities are easily performed with ease. From booking alarms to searching for queries and finding relevant results these VI’s are accelerating at a tremendous pace and will become even more humanlike in near future.

Conditioned to understand user-oriented queries, most SEO agencies today are hence working on optimizing voice search. Today every top SEO agency gathers data on the type audience and use long tail keywords to optimize content for voice search.

With writing content that is more like phrases, these VI’s can easily understand user needs owing to RankBrain and deliver required results to users.

So, in this way, AI is changing the face of content over the years, and the best SEO agencies are already using this to their full advantage.